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CLE Chairman receiving WCO Certificate of Merit
Buyer Seller Meet in South Africa, Mar 13-14, 2014.
Buyer Seller Meet in South Africa, Mar 13-14, 2014.
Inauguration of Reverse Buyer Seller Meet Chennai on 1st Feb.2014
Awareness programme on Animal Husbandry & interactive Session with Sr. Govt. Officials
Honble Union Minister of State for Commerce & Industry releasing the Members Directory 2014
Honble Union Minister of State for Commerce & Industry releasing the Facts & Figures Booklet



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Prospective Overseas Trade Enquires – Information hosted in CLE Website

We wish to inform you that in the various overseas programmes participated and/or organized by the Council during the period June-October 2009, several trade enquires have been generated.  In order to enable the members to have information on such enquiries to pursue for any possible trade opportunities, the Council has compiled a Booklet containing the contact addresses of the enquiries as per Business Cards given to the Council.  The Booklet has been hosted in the Council’s website www.leatherindia.org under the title “Prospective Overseas Trade Enquiries”. To access the Booklet, one has to enter the CLE website- Member Login by feeding their RCMC Number given by the Council.  Members may like to make use of this information.

 However, the Council would like to caution the members that the names and contact addresses given in this booklet are of those companies which have contacted the CLE Booth /  Desk at the Trade Fairs/Buyer-Seller Meets, Delegation’s visit and Road Shows.  These are general enquiries about Indian leather industry, and these are companies which appear to be interested in India.  The Council does not have any information on the business dealings, financial background and past track records of the companies.  Hence, the Council is not responsible for trade dispute, if any, arising out of the business transactions with these companies.

 Members may therefore exercise utmost and carry out verification of the credentials of these contacts as in usually done as per trade parlance.

I. Database of Importers of Leather & Leather Products:

As part of Council’s Information and Communication Technology based initiatives, recently undertaken, we have brought out the Database of Importers / Manufacturers of leather & leather products in 60 countries. The total number of database enlisted is 970, which is classified based on country and product.  The database is available in CD format at a price of Rs.200/- per CD.

This apart, we have also prepared another exclusive CD containing the database of 339 Importers of leather & leather products in France. This exercise was undertaken by engaging the services of the Council’s Consultant in France. The database is available in CD format at a price of Rs.100/- per CD.

Interested Members are requested to contact the Council’s Head Office for obtaining the aforesaid database in CD format on payment of respective price.

II. Romania and Ukraine Market Study Reports:

The Council has prepared an in-depth Market Study in respect of Romania and Ukraine. This exercise was undertaken by engaging the services of M/s. Totem Communication, based in Romania. The market study report is mainly focused towards “Market Access” and covers information on:

General economic indicators, size of the market for leather products, Import trends, market demand, brands, distribution channels, trade specific barriers, major players in domestic market and market strategies for penetrating the Romanian and Ukraine market.

The Market Study Report is priced at Rs.5000/- per country. Each Country Report is available in CD format. Interested Members may contact Council’s Head Office for purchasing the Market Study Report.

III.Spain Market Study Reports:

The Council has prepared a Study Report on Market Access for Indian Leather Products in Spain. This exercise was undertaken by engaging the services of a Spanish Firm namely ARGOS Consulting Network, Zaragoza, Spain. The market study report is mainly focused towards analyzing the market potential and business development opportunities for leather & leather products in Spain and recommends ways and means of increasing India’s export to this market.

Apart from this, A Market Survey Report on the Spanish Leather Sector was prepared by the Council’s Consultant, IVC S.A. International Venture Consultants, Spain. The Market study aims to provide an information base, enabling members to evaluate the attractiveness of Spanish leather market and to make appropriate business decisions.

We believe that these market study reports will be very useful to the member exporters in fine-tuning their manufacturing and market promotional strategies for further enhancing their exports to Spain.

The Council has priced each of the Market Study Report at Rs.5000/-. However, the Council will be pleased to offer a concessional price of Rs.7,500/- to the Members interested to purchase the two Market Study Reports.    

IV. LEATHER NEWS INDIA monthly magazine

The Council publishes an in-house magazine titled LEATHER NEWS INDIA, which is the only monthly of its kind in India that provides information on the latest developments in the leather leather industry in various areas like product design and development, environment management, trade fairs and exhibitions, market report, fashion & colours, policy and procedures, trade enquiries, seminars etc.,. LEATHER NEWS INDIA is the largest circulated journal of the leather industry in India.

LEATHER NEWS INDIA has a circulation of 3000 copies and reaches corporate and member-exporters of the Council besides all industry associations and Indian Missions abroad. The magazine is also circulated in major leather fairs held in India and abroad through the Information Booth of the Council.

Sale Price :
Single Copy : Rs.100/-
12 issues : Rs.1000/-
Foreign ( 12 issues) : US$ 60


The Council has also brought out the 13th edition of Directory of Member-Exporters for the year 2010.

This Directory contains complete profile of members, which include name, address, contact person, telephone, fax and e-mail I.D. with their product range. The compilation is on region-wise, product-wise basis covering 2159 Member-exporters spread across the country enrolled with the Council as on 31st December 2009.

This Directory will serve as a useful guide to the Overseas business community to identify suppliers of leather and leather products for business collaboration. Besides it will be useful to suppliers of machinery, raw material, accessories and consumables.

PRICE : Rs.500/- US $ 20

VI. Facts & Figures - Export of Leather & Leather Products 2008-09

The Council has brought out the 11th edition of “Facts & Figures” publication covering export data on product-wise, region-wise and country-wise basis pertaining to the year 2008-09. This is a comprehensive compilation of the data in terms of volume and export realization, which is based on performance of individual Member-exporters enrolled with the Council.

The export data contained in this book will be of immense help and guidance to overseas buyers, Chambers of Commerce, Indian Embassies / Consulates in many ways including in sourcing leather and leather products from India. It will also be useful to Govt. Departments, Institutions, Research scholars, agents, producers of accessories, consumables, machinery etc.,


PRICE : Rs.250/- US $ 10

VII. Analysis of Tariff Profiles of Major Importing Countries


The exporters of leather and leather products should have the knowledge of import tariff of their importing countries so as to fix most competitive prices to their buyers.

With the objective of providing the import tariff details of major importing countries to the Indian exporters of leather and leather products, the Council has brought out this publication. Besides the bound and applied tariff rates of 18 countries under WTO regime, this booklet also analyses the implications of various regional preferential and free trade agreements

PRICE : Rs.100/


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