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Buyer Seller Meet in South Africa, Mar 13-14, 2014.
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Renewal of Membership for the year 2012-13

March 21, 2012 

Dear Members,                                                           IMPORTANT                                                                                                                       

Sub: - Renewal of Membership for the year 2012-13 

As you are kindly aware your current Annual Membership with the Council is valid up to 31st March 2012 and accordingly renewal of membership for 2012-13 falls due on 1st April 2012 as per Article 6(b) (i) of the Articles of Association of the Council.   

For renewal of your membership, you are requested to please furnish Export Performance Data of your products during the year 2011-12, as prescribed in the membership renewal application form, duly attested by your Banker or Chartered Accountant. In case of no export, you may mention in the membership renewal application form as “NIL” export 

Accordingly, the Council requests Members to make payment of annual membership subscription for the year 2012-13.   The category-wise membership renewal fee is as under: 

Member category based on
previous year (2011-12)
export FOB value
Membership  Renewal fee Service Tax -12.36% Total
Below Rs.3 lakh Rs.5000 Rs.618 Rs.5618
ORDINARY MEMBERS :                                
Above Rs.3 lakhs &  upto 1 crore Rs.7000 Rs.865 Rs.7865
Above Rs. 1 crore &  upto 5 crore Rs.15000 Rs.1854 Rs.16854
Above Rs. 5 crore &  upto 10 crore Rs.20000 Rs.2472 Rs.22472
Above Rs. 10 crore Rs.30000 Rs.3708 Rs.33708

Please note that the validity of Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) is subject to renewal of membership every financial year. Hence, please ensure that your membership is renewed at the earliest possible with a view to avail the following benefits / concessions/ schemes of the Govt. of India.  These can be availed by Registered Members of the Council. 

1. Focus Product Scheme: Duty Credit Scrip up to 4% of FOB value 

2. Focus Market Scheme: Duty Credit Scrip up to 4% of FOB value 

3. 2% Duty Credit Scrip for Finished Leather exports 

4. Status Holders Incentive Scrip (SHIS). Additional 1% Duty Credit Scrip for Status Holders. 

5. Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme including Zero Duty EPCG. 

6. Duty Free Import of Labels, Tags, Button, hangers etc., permitted for Bonafide Exporters (Registered Exporters of EPCs) 

7. Duty Free Import of samples up to Rs.3,00,000/- per annum for the purpose of executing exporter orders.

8. Assistance under MDA/MAI Scheme towards participation in International Fairs / BSM.                                                                                                                

Further, Members are requested to please note that the following points in connection with your Renewal of Membership 2012-13: 

1.      Members who do not furnish the completely filled-in Membership Renewal Application Form including the Export Performance Data for the year 2011-12 along with applicable Membership Fee and renew the Membership with the Council; may not be able to avail the 3% Duty Free Import Scheme (DFIS), notified for leather garments, leather products and Footwear & Footwear Components exporters from April 1, 2012, as it is open only for Registered Members of the Council.

 2. The export performance data furnished by your company in the Membership Renewal Application Form will be used by the Council for the purpose of determining Export Awards that will be given to Member-Exporters in different product categories for the year 2011-12.  Members who do not furnish the required information as per the prescribed format or furnish incomplete information will not be considered for the Export Awards  

Therefore, Members are requested to send the applicable Membership Renewal Fee by Cheque / DD / PO drawn in favour of “Council for Leather Exports” along with original Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) / Membership Certificate for renewal at the earliest to respective Regional Office of the Council. 

Members can also get their application form for renewal of membership from the Council’s website www.leatherindia.org 

With Regards 

Yours Sincerely, 

D. Saalai Maraan
Executive Director

Renewal application form


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