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Buyer Seller Meet in South Africa, Mar 13-14, 2014.
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Review of All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback 2012-13

June 29, 2012 
Members of the Council.                                                                       IMPORTANT 
Sub:    Review of All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback 2012-13  
Dear Sir 
Your kind attention is invited to CLE's Circular dated March 28, 2012 requesting data in connection with review of All Industry Rates of DBK for the year 2012-13. As of now, the data has been received from about 40-45 companies but this is not adequate to present representative data and  to make workings according to duty incidence. 

Hence, representative data is required from atleast 30 more companies. Hence, members who have not yet given their data  may send the preliminary data ( as per the forms enclosed herewith) by e-mail to cle@cleindia.com on or before July 6, 2012. 

The Chartered Accountant engaged by CLE would verify the preliminary data sent by e-mail  and after verification, the members may send the signed copy along with documents. 

In case members have any query with regard to preparation of data, they may contact Shri A.R.Raghunathan, Chartered Accountant ( Mob : 9840206633) or send their queries by e-mail to cle@cleindia.com 
With kind regards 
D. Saalai Maraan 
Executive Director

Note : Members who have already provided the complete set of data/preliminary data may ignore this circular.

March 28, 2012 
Members of the Council                                 IMPORTANT & IMMEDIATE 
Dear Members, 
Sub: Review of All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback 2012-13 

As members are aware, the All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback for various products including leather and leather products are reviewed every year after the announcement of Union Budget, taking into account the budgetary changes in Customs & Central Excise duties and service tax.   
The Council has now received a communication from the Directorate of Drawback, Department of Revenue, Government of India, asking for the data for revision of DBK rates for 2012-13 in the prescribed format. Hence, members may please note the following with regard to submission of the cost data for the DBK review exercise. 
1)      The data is to be submitted in four different proforma as per the format enclosed herewith, along with a Covering Proforma. The data may be provided for the period April – December 2011. 
2)      In Proforma I (A), the details of consumption of input materials used in export product and incidence of duties on such input materials should be given. 
3)      In Proforma II, the information on the actual cost incurred for making the exports and sales realization on such exports on  is to be given. 
4)      In Proforma III,  the details of service tax paid at input stage of the export product may be given. 
5)      The details of Captive Power used in manufacturing the export product is to be given in Proforma IV. 
The afore-mentioned proforma are sent herewith as attachments. Separate guidelines for filling up the Proforma are also provided. Members are requested to kindly provide two sets of the data. 
6)      As in the last year, the Drawback Directorate has instructed that the cost data should be submitted by the Council only in respect of those units which are ready for getting their records and production process inspected by the Customs and Central Excise Department for verifying the correctness of the data. Further, such units should submit a copy of the cost data to the Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner of Central Excise under whose geographical jurisdiction their units fall. Hence, all members may take note of this important instruction of the Drawback Directorate.  
7)      The DBK Directorate has informed that the data submitted should be duly certified by a Chartered Accountant. Hence, members are requested to ensure that the data given by them are duly certified by a Chartered Accountant. 
8)      After submission of the data to the Council, the members are requested to submit one set of data to the Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner of Central Excise under whose geographical jurisdiction their units fall. After submission, a copy of the acknowledgement provided by the Department should be provided to the Council without fail, since Council will be considering only those cases for duty assessment. 
9)      Please fill-in these Proforma separately for each export product category i.e., finished leather, leather footwear, footwear components, leather garments, leather goods, gloves, harness & saddlery etc. 
The Council is required to send the necessary data to the Department of Revenue immediately. The basic industry data as required by the Department of Revenue in the prescribed format is very crucial to prepare comprehensive proposals and explaining to the Drawback Committee members for the purpose of fixing realistic DBK rates for different product categories. Therefore, member-exporters are requested to give priority to this important matter and send the necessary data to the Council on or before April 20,2012, since the exercise of review of All Industry Rates for DBK is very crucial to get the DBK rates fixed at realistic levels. 
With regards, 
Yours sincerely 
D.Saalai Maraan 
Executive Director 

Guidelines and Covering Proforma


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